Clean Eating Recipe – Crunchy Tomato Mozzarella Pesto Stack

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clean eating recipe

clean eating recipe

clean eating recipe

This clean eating recipe was an absolute pleasure to both make and savor. Tomato-mozzarella and pesto are common items to cook together. However, I added slices of cucumbers to give it a bit of a refreshing crunch. Glad it worked.

Here’s the recipe.

– 1 sliced tomato
– 2-3 thinly sliced cucumber, peeled
– 1 slice of real mozzarella cheese
– 1/2 table spoon of fresh pesto
– 1 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil
– 1 pinch of sea salt
– 1 tiny splash of ground black pepper

1. Preheat oven to 350 F.
2. Lay tomato slices on baking sheet.
3. Stack tomato slices with cucumber, mozzarella and pesto.
4. Drizzle olive oil all over.
5. Bake for 5 minutes, or until cheese melts.
6. Take out, lay on plate and splash with sea salt and pepper.

Enjoy as a snack or side.

Thanks for reading!

For more clean eating ideas, check out Clean Eating for Busy Families by Michelle Dudash R.D.

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