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Clean Eating Dinner Idea – Tomato, Egg and Shrimp Stir Fry

clean eating dinner idea

Yum I’ve made a similar clean eating dinner before. In clean eating recipes, I use a lot of eggs, vegetables and tomatoes. And being Chinese, I can’t stay away from stir fry. However, tonight’s clean eating recipe is a bit different with added wholesomeness of chopped shrimp. Love shrimp! They are supple, protein-rich and can absorb any flavor. I especially like adding tomato-tasting flavors to shrimp, like today’s use of organic ketch up. I feel that it really brings out shrimp’s natural flavor.

Clean Eating Recipe – Triple Berry Smoothie

clean eating snack

Yum A proper clean eating diet plan can’t exist without fresh fruits. And during the summer, berries are the freshest. Today’s Clean Eating Recipe is a sweet and simple smoothie using three of summer’s best fruits. The recipe is easy to make, delicious to taste, and absolutely refreshing. You can enjoy it either as a snack or dessert. And if you’re super ambitious, add organic protein to make it a protein-filled post-workout smoothie. Need to print recipe? Please click on

Clean Eating Dinner Idea – Cheesy Broccoli & Chicken Broil

clean eating dinner idea

Yum A clean eating diet plan consists of lots of lean protein and vegetables. Always! And today’s clean eating dinner is full of both of them. Luckily, despite being so healthy, this clean eating recipe is cheesy and tasty. My family and I enjoyed it very much. I also liked how easy it was to make. 30 minutes or less in the oven–done! You don’t need many ingredients, and you don’t need much time. To me, that’s awesome. Please scroll down to view

Clean Eating Dinner Idea – Broccoli-Cabbage Stir Fry

clean eating recipe

Yum   Do you like broccoli and cabbage as much as I do? Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve liked the wholesome, grassy taste of both broccoli and cabbage. Coming from a traditional Chinese family that often ate traditional Chinese dinners, broccoli and cabbage were widely-used vegetables in our dinners.   So glad to create today’s clean eating recipe of broccoli-cabbage stir fry. This was a side dish, and it provided just the right amount of vegetables. We

Clean Eating Stir Fry – Organic Ground Pork and Cabbage Stir Fry

clean eating dinner idea

Yum Hi there! Thanks again for visiting Clean Eating Recipes. Today’s recipe is a clean eating dinner idea that I make for my family all the time. It’s a traditional Chinese dish my Grandmother taught me, and like all her recipes, it’s both flavorful and healthy. Clean Eating Recipe or Kids! It’s never easy feeding clean eating recipes to kids, especially if they are toddlers and preschoolers like mine, but my kids loved this dish. They thought the juicy ground

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