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Healthy Salad Recipe for Clean Eating Diet: Apple-Avocado Salad

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 Yum Why is this healthy salad recipe good for the clean eating diet? It’s quite obvious, isn’t it. Apple and avocado are two of the most nutritious produce on the market. Avocado has dense concentrations of Vitamins K, B, C and E, folate, manganese, magnesium, niacin and potassium per one single serving (of about 3.5 ounces), and offers a whopping 15 grams of heart-healthy fat while consisting of only 160 calories; and, of course, you can’t deny apples’ delicious richness in fiber and antioxidants. On top of crunchy, refreshing cabbage and mixed with sweet

Easy Healthy Peachy Cinnamon Smoothie for Clean Eating Diet

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 Yum PrintEasy Healthy Peachy Cinnamon Smoothie for Clean Eating Diet 10 minutes2 Per Serving 211 calories Fat 5 g Carbs 37 g Protein 9 g 2 See full nutrition! Ingredients 1 banana, broken 1 cup of frozen peach slices 1/4 cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt 1 pitted Medjool date 1 tea spoon of cinnamon 1 cup of organic non-GMO whole milk InstructionsAdd all ingredients into a high-speed blender, and blend til’ smooth. Enjoy!

Healthy Chicken Recipe: Avocado and Parm Over Chicken With Balsamic Tomatoes

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 Yum Healthy Chicken Recipe for Clean Eating Avocado Parm Over Chicken with Balsamic Tomatoes (Makes 2) Ingredients (for Chicken): – 2 4-ounce organic chicken breast – 1 table spoon of white rice wine (try Eden Foods Mirin Rice Cooking Wine) – extra virgin olive oil cooking spray – 1 dash of garlic salt – 1 dash of ground ginger powder – 1 dash of white pepper powder or ground black pepper – 1 tea spoon of corn starch – 1 tea

Healthy Chicken Recipe: BBQ Chicken and Yam Open Face Sandwich

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 Yum Welcome back to Clean Eating Recipes Blog! We hope you enjoy today’s healthy chicken recipe of BBQ Chicken and Yam Open Face Sandwiches. We’re thrilled to share them with you, because not only are they gluten-free and protein-filled, they’re also quick to make and satisfying to eat. Dense in both nutrition and flavor, these sandwich bites add value to your clean eating diet by creating easy and healthy meals for busy week nights. A popular vegetable in the Clean Eating Diet Plan, yams offer vast nutritional benefits. They are dense in vitamins,

Healthy Turkey Burger Recipe for Clean Eating Diet Plan

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 Yum PrintHealthy Turkey Burger Recipe for Clean Eating Diet Plan 1 hour2 Per Serving 543 calories Fat 40 g Carbs 12 g Protein 38 g 2 See full nutrition! Ingredients 3/4 pounds of organic lean ground turkey 1 piece of whole wheat bread 1/2 tea spoon of paprika 2-3 cloves of minced garlic 1 tea spoon of ground ginger powder 1 pinch of sea salt 1 dash of ground black pepper 1 tea spoon of lemon juice 1 table spoon

Healthy Snack Bars with Chocolate, Nuts and Dates

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  Today’s healthy snack bars are delicious! They are sweet, chewy and wholesome; and, they are great for the clean eating diet plan, needing few ingredients that are natural and dense in nutrients. The bars contain cashews and almonds that offer heart-healthy monounsaturated fats, and dates that are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Plus, they have hints of cocoa–and everyone likes that! Whether you’re looking for healthy snack foods to satisfy a sweet tooth or quick breakfast ideas that provide all-day energy, these delicious chocolate-nuts-and-dates-filled snack bars are just what you’re looking for! Healthy Snack

Weekly Clean Eating Diet Plan

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  Monday Breakfast Organic Oatmeal with Banana Slices, Chopped Apple and Organic Maple Syrup Lunch Open Face Egg Sandwich with Whole Wheat Bread and Melon on the Side Dinner Fresh Salad with Mixed Greens, Turkey and Hard Boiled Eggs Snack Fresh Persimmon Slices Tuesday Breakfast All Natural Apricot Preserves on nonfat plain Greek yogurt Lunch Lobster Avocado Cilantro Salad (at this recipe) Dinner Salmon with Avocado Cucumber Topping Find recipe here. Snack Raspberry Kiwi Smoothie (from this recipe) Wednesday Breakfast Organic Steel-cut

Healthy Chicken Recipe: Cauliflower and Parm Crusted Chicken with Curry Yogurt Sauce

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  Are you gluten-intolerant? If so, then you might be interested in today’s clean eating recipe of cauliflower and Parmesan crusted chicken. Instead of using bread as crust, this healthy chicken recipe uses a combination of grated cauliflower and Parmesan, which creates similar texture as a bread-y crust but won’t leave you feeling sick. Plus, vitamin- and antioxidant-rich cauliflower and calcium-full cheese provide extra nutrition. The curry yogurt sauce, made with curry flavors and nonfat Greek yogurt, tastes fantastic with cauliflower and chicken. This healthy creamy sauce enhances flavor

Healthy Dessert Recipe: Fried Plantain in Coconut Milk

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  Welcome back to Clean Eating Recipes! Today’s healthy dessert recipe is a clean eating diet plan‘s m-u-s-t; because after a long work week, you deserve a treat! Though healthy desserts are hard to come by, today’s fried plantain is easy to make, and fits perfectly into the clean eating diet plan. It’s flavorful with generous dashes of cinnamon, and creamy with light coconut milk. After being pan fried in extra virgin coconut oil, it also has a crispy bite. If you like bananas, you’ll (most likely)

Cauliflower Rice Recipe: Clean Eating Diet Plan’s Favorite Side Dish

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  The Clean Eating Diet Plan loves veggies! It especially loves veggies that substitute foods high in refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates come from foods like white rice, white flour, white bread and sugary cereals. They were once wholesome grains full of complex carbs, but were then stripped of fiber, germs and other nutrients during processing, and turned into simple carbs that quickly convert to sugar and then fat. If you want to stick to a clean eating diet plan, then stay away from refined carbs! But refined carbs